Fireworks Show


 How much does one of your displays cost?

Although there are many factors affecting the total cost of a display, it is wise to have a starting 

 budget of $3k for a Class B (professional) display; however, Patriot Fireworks USA professional 

 fireworks displays have the means to design a display around many different budgets 

 How long will my fireworks show be? 

​ Patriot Fireworks can design a display to any length required, however studies have shown that 

 displays that average between 12-18 minutes are received best by audiences

What do I need to do?

​ First, contact Patriot Fireworks and request a show sheet or submit a request from this

 website. Take a few minutes and watch one of our fireworks videos on this site to get an idea of the

 type of fireworks show you would like.  We will handle the rest such as; insurances, permits, local 

 approvals, transportation and display site approval so you can relax and enjoy your event

 What if the weather is bad?

​ Todays fireworks and display techniques are far advanced from what they use to be and rarely 

 will weather impact our ability to shoot the display. In the event that a display runs the risk of 

 cancellation there is typically a rain date built into the permit which is part of the planning

 process. If a rain date is not an option we will work with the customer during the planning phases

 to find a solution.

 What if my display site isn't large enough? 

​ Patriot handles all aspects of site approval so you, your guests and Patriot stay safe. We also

 partner with several area fireworks distributors and have access to many consumer products 

 requiring minimal distances and up to 10" professional grade shells requiring large display sites

 Can I request special effects/shells? 

​ Absolutley, please do. We love it when our customers get involed in designing their displays

 Can you put music to your display? 

​ Yes...Pyro-musicals are becoming very popular with crowds and really add to your display. 

 Weddings are the most popular venue for this display technique but it can be done for most any 


​ Patriot Fireworks uses industry leading technology to accomplish unforgettable Pyro-Musicals